Good coaching takes you on a journey from where you are to a more effective place of leadership.

Every successful athlete, performer, leader has someone to provide them feedback –
to give a candid, unbiased perspective.

It's how we improve.

A business or executive coach can perceive and see things in us
that we cannot see on our own.

What You Don't See Can Hurt You...


What Our Clients Say About Us

"Like iron on iron, one man sharpens another. Kevin has made me a better leader, and a better person, too. He has taught me how to listen and to see organizational challenges and opportunities through a different lens. Invite Kevin into your experience, let him stretch your thinking and you will be enriched in many ways."

Joseph Daniel McCool
Renowned Advisor to CEOs and Boards, Author of 'Deciding Who Leads' and 'Board Games' / Quoted in Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times, Shanghai Daily, appeared on BBC World News, CNBC, CBC Radio, CNN Radio

"Kevin Arvin’s coaching has been an important part of my strategy as President to improve my own leadership skills.  His coaching has also facilitated some of the most impressive improvements related to sensitive and complicated personnel challenges.  It is always rewarding to help people who are struggling in some way to improve their ability to contribute in an organization and Kevin’s coaching has provided many such opportunities for faculty and staff at my university."

University President
Former Chancellor of Statewide University System

“Working with Kevin was one of the smartest things that I have done in my ongoing job search. Kevin spent extra time with me to ensure that I was on the right track. I’ve been offered a key leadership role and have had a second interview for a highly desirable role with another prospective employer. I credit a great deal of this interview success to Kevin and his coaching.” 

Chief Information Security Officer
International Energy Company

“The coaching Kevin provides is non-intimidating and very personalized. The insight and techniques that he provides has undoubtedly made me a better and more successful servant leader and person.”

Nurse Executive
Multi-Billion Dollar Fully Integrated Healthcare System

“When it comes to recommending an outside coach or consultant to my client relationships that I’ve worked diligently to develop, I tend to be highly selective. However, there is no hesitation on my part in recommending Kevin Arvin as an executive and leadership coach. Executives I’ve referred to Kevin have so appreciated his coaching ability that these executives bring more business engagements to my firm. To me, that is the ultimate litmus test. I heartily recommend Kevin to you and your organization.” 

Managing Partner
Board and CEO Succession Practice / National Executive Search and Leadership Consulting Firm

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