Kevin Arvin is a certified executive leadership coach whose executive coaching practice encompasses three decades of experience as:

- chief strategy & communications officer for an executive search and leadership consulting firm with clients across the U.S.,

- a coach engaged with C-level executives seeking to be positioned for board service;

- a startup entrepreneur and board advisor;

- an executive sales & marketing leader and human resources administrator for one of the largest technology training enterprises in the world;

- a recruiter in the private university environment;

- a “sherpa” to young people, college students and their families in the church setting;

And, most importantly, as husband, dad, and “Pops” - the name affectionately assigned to him by his five grandkids...

Meet the Coach

"I’ve been fortunate to sit at the feet of giants in industry with expertise in business operations, relationship building, effective leadership, business development, communications strategies, executive recruitment, and more; and in my days in church leadership I was equally blessed to have been invited into the lives of people struggling to be good productive contributors to society and to raise children to leave a positive mark on their world, and I’ve learned priceless life lessons from each environment."

"Whether you provide leadership in the corporate boardroom, the office cubicle, the university classroom, the manufacturing floor, the surgical suite, the non-profit institution – a third party perspective on your leadership skills can be invaluable. From time to time, those of us in leadership roles may exhibit less than exemplary executive behaviors/actions, be lacking in some needed soft skills, be deficient in understanding and executing team orientation, may commit communications gaffes, or encounter other issues that affect overall performance or perception as a leader."

"Our approach is designed to address these and other leadership issues and can serve to advance effective working relationships -- as well as the short-and long-term objectives of an organization -- through the practice of executive coaching."

Benefits of Coaching

Functions and Niches Served

Clients Have Included:

  • COO, Fortune 50 Technology Giant
  • State Government CFO
  • Chancellor, State University System
  • University President
  • Chief Medical Officers, Physician Executives
  • Medical Directors
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Corporate Internet Marketing Leader
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • CHROs & HR Leaders
  • CIO, CTO and Information Technology Directors
  • Advancement, Development, Donor Relations Officer
  • Government Operations Leaders
  • Manufacturing Managers
  • CFO, Book Publishing
  • Retail Managers
  • Insurance Executives
  • Banking Leaders
  • Social Services and Counseling Services
  • Health Systems and Hospital COO
  • CFO, Healthcare & Insurance Industries
  • Chief Nurse Officer
  • Vice President, Hospital Operations
  • Registration Director - Hospital
  • Internal Audit Director
  • Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Talent Acquisition Director
  • Food Services Exec, $2B Health System
  • Automotive Service Manager
  • Board Directors
  • General Manager, Restaurant Industry
  • Engineering Executives
  • Sales and Marketing Operations Executives
  • Project Manager/Executive
  • Corporate Change Manager
  • Business Development Leaders
  • Product Development Leader
  • International Client Relations
  • Directors of Nursing
  • Music: Entertainment, Publishing, Recording Industry Executive

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