"What makes my heart sing is to see a client experience a breakthrough moment in an area that had become a
roadblock to their personal and professional success..."

                                                                                                                                               Kevin Arvin

Executive, Leadership & Management Coaching

Coaching Topics & Toolkits:
•  Actions & Behaviors of an Exemplary Executive
•  Aligning Executive Behavior with Organizational Business Objectives
•  Communication
•  Collaboration
•  Decision Making
•  Emotional Intelligence: Self-Skills and Social Skills
•  Environment: Creating a Secure, Trusting Influential Environment
•  Executive Mindset and Presence
•  Experts: Working with Outside Experts
•  Financial Management (for Non-Financial Managers)
•  Leadership Traits and Effectiveness
•  Process Reviews
•  Reality: Factual Data on Organizational Status
•  Risk Assessment
•  Risk, Mitigation and Crisis Management
•  Risk Taking: Minimizing Failure and Encouraging Innovation
•  Self-Assessment of Actions and Behaviors
•  Structuring the Organization for Optimum Performance
•  Team Building
•  Time Management and Prioritizing
•  Visioning
•  When Things Go Wrong: Problem Solving

Career Transition Coaching


Watch Video: Seven Steps to Success in Career Transition

When times of career transition come along, it is often helpful to have a third-party perspective to guide you through the Six Steps of Success in executive career transition and to prepare you for even greater levels of achievement in your next leadership role.

In Career Transition Coaching we share insights gained from 18 years in the executive recruiting industry that have helped university presidents, CFOs, chief information officers, health system executives, physicians, nurse leaders, engineers, restaurant executives, electricians, and many others to move forward confidently toward continued career success.

Business Coaching

Our team brings 120 years of experience in solving problems that matter, so clients can focus on what they do best. 

Whatever makes you lose sleep --- whether it’s a tech nightmare, telecom downtime, the search engines don’t know who you are, you’re working without a real business plan, struggling to meet your numbers, keeping your name top-of-mind in the marketplace, or helping your people actually carry out your vision --- we assess your problem area, bring you 1-2-3 toolkit options to solve it, and you choose the option you prefer.

We’ve helped solve problems on behalf of some of the biggest brand-names everyone recognizes, and the unknowns - the best little companies no one recognizes, but should. 

So, what’s preventing your company from focusing on what you do best? Contact us for a free consult.


Board Leadership Coaching

Following are contributions Kevin Arvin made to Board Games: Straight Talk for New Directors and Good Governance
(John T. Montford and Joseph Daniel McCool © 2016)
“Just as every diamond is a lump of coal that “did well under pressure,” a good board director brings well-developed soft skills, hard skills, people skills and exemplary behaviors and actions born in the crucible of organizational challenge and healthy conflict. Among the attributes boards seek and find highly desirable, executive coach Kevin Arvin adds, is leadership courage – characterized by a balance between high candor and high respect.”

“Whether a paid role or not, a board appointment demands the “volunteer mindset” – the passionate commitment and selfless devotion of a person who serves for all the right reasons, says executive coach Kevin Arvin. The service-oriented leader is motivated to bring about the best outcomes for an organization to which he or she, in many cases, had no previous obligation or connection – a true servant leader.”

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